Find Your Song... Download Songsmith

Songsmith sounds like fun... where do I get it?

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DownloadDownload the free trial of Songsmith, version 1.03. (msi, 98MB)

This is Songsmith version 1.03 (September 2012), which incorporates the following changes since the previous release:

  • Windows 8 Compatibility

How do I install Songsmith?

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To install Songsmith, click on the link above. On that page, click the "Download" button, then the "Save" button. Once the download is complete, open (or double-click) the SongsmithSetup.msi file you just saved to your computer, and you’ll be on your way to making music. You can take a peek at the download FAQ while you’re waiting for the download to complete.

How long does the free trial version work for?

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The free trial will work for six hours of actual application use. That’s not six hours from the instant you download it, it’s six hours of you really using Songsmith. If you close Songsmith, minimize Songsmith, or start working in another application, the clock stops. So this is plenty of time to make lots of songs (making songs is quick and easy, we promise!). And the trial version is fully-functional, so you can create songs, send them to your friends, post them online, etc.

I love Songsmith... how can I keep using it forever?

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Songsmith is not currently available for purchase, but it is free for educational use.

I must need some fancy audio hardware to run this, right?

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Nope. All you need is a computer (running Windows) and any kind of microphone. A built-in laptop microphone will work, a desktop microphone will work, and a microphone built into a Webcam will work too. In fact you can even run Songsmith without a microphone if you just want to explore the demo songs and get a feel for what Songsmith is all about. But of course you’ll want to find a microphone when you’re ready to start making your own music!

What are the system requirements for Songsmith?

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You’ll need a computer with a microphone, running Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, or XP.